We have a huge range of salads to choose from, leafy salads, pasta salads, organic noodle, or organic quinoa and couscous. To help you choose we have categorised our salads in four groups. Just look at the label. Below are a few of our favourite salads. Don’t worry, you can mix and match your salads.

Red Salads

Orange salads

Green salads

Salads with creamy dressings. These are great tasting salads but if you are watching your diet probably best to combine with another salad.Healthy Options - These salads have light non creamy dressings. All full of flavour, a great healthy option.Super Healthy Options – Vegetarian salads, rice and quinoa salads, many of which are gluten free and feature organic produce.

  • Southern crumbed chicken with delicious honey mustard dressing.
  • Creamy Pesto with chicken and fetta, a best-selling salad.
  • Ranch Salad, this salad is packed full of protein and flavour.
  • Maple roasted pumpkin, beetroot and fetta.
  • Tandoori chicken with spicy peri peri dressing, delicious.
  • Hot smoked salmon Caesar with crispy croutons.
  • Falafel with creamy tzatziki dressing. 

  • Longevity detox salad.
  • A  truly scrumptious salad.
  • Chargrilled pumpkin with roasted red capsicum and fresh avocado.
  • Chicken teriyaki. A totally different salad with a base of brown rice and organic red quinoa.
  • Smoked turkey and apricot, a very popular salad.
  • Salmon and organic noodles.
  • Jamaican chicken, a yummy salad with lentils and mouth-watering Jamaican chicken.
  • Asian chicken with wheat grass noodle with a citrus and tamarind dressing.
  • Mexican chicken with crunchy tortilla chips.
  • Szechwan beef with balsamic onions – an all-time favourite.
  • Wild rice and salmon.


  • Longevity superfoods – One of our best-selling salads, organic red quinoa and lovely chargrilled pumpkin and beetroot.
  • Kale surprise – another favourite that walks out of the door.
  • Edamame wonder – crunchy edamame beans with navel oranges topped with cranberries.
  • Falafel & radish – very different, very tasty.
  • Ginger crisp and chia
  • Moroccan couscous – love it.
  • Crunchy freekah and beetroot, you will enjoy this one.
  • Cranberry chia couscous, very popular.
  • Cashew thai quinoa with ginger peanut dressing.
  • Harissa and asparagus couscous – delicious.


Pasta Salads – Orange stripe


Juices and Smoothies

Yummy pasta salads some with protein and some vegetarian options.We love our wraps they are bursting with flavour and filling.We make the best juices and smoothies. We don’t add ice so you get 100% juice, but if you want ice just ask and we can add.
  • Chicken Caesar pasta with shaved parmesan – we can’t make enough of this one.
  • Roast kumara tortellini with a pesto dressing.
  • Spicy risoni and rocket. Tropical sunshine salad.
  • Bowtie and broccoli insalata.
  • Pesto and chicken fettucine with sundried tomatos.
  • Roast meditterranean vegetables with penne and a delicious red pesto dressing. 
  • Falafel and hummos.
  • Chicken Caesar.
  • Creamy pesto and chicken.
  • Chicken Mexicana.
  • Pumpkin with a trio of nuts.
  • Southern chicken.
  • Tuna salad.
  • Tandoori chicken with a spicy peri peri dressing.

Order Your Way.

Want to design your own salad or have a freshly made salad with a hot protein, well we can do this too! Look forward to hearing from you - contact us