Living for Longevity is more than a healthy diet.

It is about mindset, how you manage stress,

how you look after your gut, how well you sleep, and just as important making time for you…

LONGEVITY is defined in its simplest form as long life.

Our mission is to not only provide quality real, clean food to nourish your body, but to also provide clear information to help you live an active, full-filled life so that

you can live the life you want for longer.

Join our tribe & help us empower our community thrive by

making choices hat enrich & enhance our lives.


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Dr Lee, Smithfield

Longevity Smithfield has significantly helped me in my weight loss journey. Lot of healthy, tasty options served by lovely friendly staff. 

Joey Clark - Mareeba

LOVE Longevity ! They are always happy to make any meal that meets my strict training diet. If you want extra protein, or need extra carbs all you have to do is ask. Fantastic, friendly local staff too!!

Chris, Cairns

Being the owner of a fitness business, it is so important that I eat the best nutrition so that I can help my customers achieve their goals. Longevity is always fresh & affordable